Fort Wayne Dragon Boat Races

Saturday June 25, 2016 @ 8:00 am

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What's it all about?

One Day

A Full Day of Racing!
Saturday June 25, 2016
Races begin at 8am.

One River

300 Meter Race Course
Set up on the St Marys River

Athletes Village at Downtown
Fort Wayne at Headwaters Park West
Click here for directions.

A Ton Of Racing!

2 Race Minimum for all Entrants
20 Paddlers and 1 Drummer Race in 46’ Long Dragon Boat
(Boats provided by Dynamic Dragon Boat Races)

Anyone, Regardless of Fitness, Can Do It

Event Schedule

Registration begins at 7:00 am


First Race 9:00.am

Music starts at 10:00-4:30 pm

Food trucks, end of Calhoun St. at Circle/Dead End.

Bleachers for viewing. Off of Harrison St. bridge across the river from Outfitters.

Watch also from Harrison St. Bridge and Wells St. bridge.

Drawing for 60 ‘’ TV and 2 I pads.

All For A Good Cause

Last year, Fort Wayne Dragon Boat Races as part of Riverpalooza saw over 2,500 in attendance with 25 teams participating in this one-day event. Participants from not only the region but from the state and beyond took part in this unique and exciting experience. Dragon Boat teams competed to not only become the 2015 Dragon Boat champions but to raise money for several local non-profit organizations. In the end, over $10,000 was donated to local charities providing a full-circle community event in the heart of downtown Fort Wayne.

This years race results. Click the button to download the results.

What is Dragon Boat Racing?

The Mayor’s Youth Engagement Council (MYEC)

The mission of the Mayor’s Youth Engagement Council is to engage the youth of Fort Wayne with their community and local government. MYEC aims to be a service-learning group comprised of a variety of local youth. The members provide a voice for the youth of Fort Wayne to the local government by engaging their peers, creating innovative solutions and performing service-learning projects.

 Riverfront Fort Wayne

The mission of Riverfront Fort Wayne is to establish a framework for action, to maximize the use and value of Fort Wayne’s rivers through increased recreational use, restoration, enhancement and development. Riverfront Fort Wayne aims to guide the community in realizing the value of reconnecting back to the Fort Wayne Rivers and riverfront areas. It is the goal that the community values the rivers as economic and placemaking assets to downtown, the broader community and ultimately the region.

Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon Boat Racing is rapidly growing sport that combines rich Chinese traditions, competition, teamwork, and fun. Often, dragon boats are emblazoned with bright colors, dragon scales, and even a dragonhead and tail. Typical dragon boats are 46’ Long and feature 20 paddlers, 1 drummer, and 1 steersman. During the course of the race, the job of the drummer is to keep an effective beat in order to synchronize the paddlers. Actual races are usually between 200-2000 meters and can last up to ten minutes.

The origin of Dragon Boat Racing dates back more than 2000 years ago and is tied to the story of a Chinese statesman and poet named Qu Yuan and his ritual suicide. According to legend, after being cast into exile due to a disagreement with the king, Qu Yuan threw himself in and drowned in the Miluo River. While he was drowning, local fisherman frantically attempted to rescue him by racing to the scene in their traditional long boats. While en route to Qu Yuan, the fishermen beat drums and splashed their paddles into the water. This was an attempt to scare dangerous fish and water dragons away from his body. Additionally bags of rice were thrown into the river as well. It was believed that the rice would nourish Qu Yuan’s weakened spirit.

Today, modern dragon boat racing is based on the traditional re-enactment of the race to save Qu Yuan. Many of the traditional Chinese elements are still practiced today, such as beating of the drums and throwing rice into the river. A common practice for many Dragon Boat Race opening ceremonies includes a practice known as ‘Awaking the Dragon’. Before the race, an artist will dot the dragon eyes of each boat. It is believed that once the eyes are dotted, the dragon will come to life.

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**Each team member is encouraged to raise a minimum of $100 in pledges.**
Check out these PDFs for fund raising ideas: 77 Fund Rasing Ideas | $100 in 10 days and beyond

***Full payment required at the time of registration***

What is a team?

20 paddlers & 1 drummer (boats are provided by Dynamic Dragon Boat Races)

There are 3 categories:   All Male  |  All Female  |  Mixed(must consist of at least 8 females)

1 Steerman (provided by the Dynamic Dragon Boat Racing Team)

Your team must designate a person(s) as:

Captain – This person will organize the team, communicate practices, collect money, ext.

You can download the Team Requirements PDF here.

Team registration is open until June 13th, 2016. Full payment must be made at the time of registration. Final team rosters are due no later than June 15th.

Need to know information for Dragon Boat Teams! Download PDF here.

Team Registration

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Vendor Registration

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Practice Information

**For practice times and scheduling information please contact Lorrie Freiberger or Vinod Vijayan.**

Lorrie – Phone: 260-609-8480  |  Email: Lorrie.Freiburger@cityoffortwayne.org

Vinod – Phone: 269-329-9114  |  Email: VinodVijayan@eaton.com

Practice times and scheduling information available by pressing the button below.

Interested in becoming a sponsor?

Please fill out our online sponsorship form available Here.
You can also download the sponsorship form HERE.

Presenting Sponsor$20,000+

Participating Sponsors can expect:
Name recognized as “Presenting Sponsor” | 3 dragon boat teams | First choice of training session times | Company recognition on all printed materials, PR, broadcast media, digital marketing and website | Ground space for promo/marketing purposes | Company opportunity to present the Championship Awards to the community winners | 10 On-Site PA announcements | 1st choice for Athletes Village Location.

Monarch Sponsors$10,000

Boat Sponsors can expect:
2 dragon boat teams. Priority choice of dragon boat training session times | Company recognition on all printed materials, PR, broadcast media, digital marketing and website | Ground space for promo/marketing purposes | 5 On-Site PA announcements | 2nd choice for Athletes Village locationl

Village Chief Sponsors$5,000

Boat Sponsors can expect:
1 dragon boat team | Ground space for promo/marketing purposes | 3 On-Site PA announcements | 3rd choice for Athletes Village location

Athletes Village Sponsors$2,000

2 prominent banners displayed in high traffic areas of team tents


Banner displayed beside Music Pavilion

Registration Area Sponsor$1,000

Name and Logo presented on Registration Area Signage

Event Supporters$500

Boat Sponsors can expect:
Name Listed on General Event Banner


Athletes Village 330 South Clinton Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802Headwaters Park (West) Next to the River260-427-2146

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Spectators 1004 Cass St, Fort Wayne, IN 46808

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Practice and Parking

Race Day Parking

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If you have any question about the event regarding registering teams, applying to be a vendor or sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.